Saturday, May 30, 2020

Pollinator support update from Catskill Chamber of Commerce

The Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce continues to share member and area information on its websites and social media as it comes into our office. Keep In touch. Email us details of hours and services, post on your Facebook and Twitter feeds and we will share. or call: 845-586-3300. We are working from home and keeping our distance. But we remain connected.

You can post openings and specific offerings on the  Calendar of Events. We are using this location to add details on the canceled summer and fall events. The calendar is providing updates on online options such as ZOOM workshops and exercise groups from the Pine Hill Community Center and the Catskill Recreation Center that have been physically closed.

As administrator for the Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway we are coordinating a Pollinator Seed distribution to byway communities that will include small garden signs to be installed at locations of gardens or byway meadows where seed has been dispersed. Communities will determine best locations.  Call: 845-586-3300 for additional information.
Informational Websites to help you get involved with local pollinator actions: Where seeds to be distributed were purchased. List attached. Also offers helpful how to videos.  Maralene Manos-Jones, facilitator and expert on monarch butterflies, habitat management and gardens
www. Watch award winning film: Save the Pollinators Developed programs on invasive species and healthy forests Ongoing invasive species actions, education and initiatives and pollinator initiatives.

Stay Well. Wear your mask when with others, honor the 6ft social distancing guidelines. Seek ways to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the Catskills.

hi all,

I'm sure you're familiar, but Mother Earth News is a great website, one of my bibles--everything from garden planning apps to biodynamics, how-tos for every plant, etc.

The videos are great too, the host is really sweet. Here's good one on how to attract ladybugs!


Monday, May 25, 2020

Friday, May 8, 2020

HCG work calendar

In keeping to the rules of social distancing, the garden has set up a calendar to track scheduled times of members working in the garden in hopes of minimizing overlapping sessions. Members can access the calendar for posting from the link in the sidebar to the left or by bookmarking this link. The calendar can also be viewed (only, no posting) from the town website.

You must have a Google account in order to post your requested time, after receiving the shared confirmation email from Google. Everyone will be able to see the calendar but to post and reserve time you must be a member of HCG and have a Google account.

Members with questions can contact Alex ( ) or Camille ( ).

Please be patient as we work out the bugs and fine points of this new way of gardening and living safely.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Halcott Community Garden "on pause" through May 15th with NY State in fight against Covid 19 virus

Hello Halcott Community Garden Members,

Given the range of concerns from members and current lack of a clear policy on self-quarantine for garden members, I am making the decision to officially delay the opening of the garden to align with NY state "on pause",  currently projected through May 15.

This will allow me to be in communication with the steering committee members with needed time to establish a concensus among the leadership for a clearer policy and time to get appropriate seasonal forms ready for members by the end of month.

Thanks for your patience and continued support of our lovely little garden. I know we are all doing our best to steer through these murky waters and trust our garden will flourish once again.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Please join us for an evening of discussion to explore the use of pesticides in our environment and learn about the role they play in forestry and agriculture and how homeowners and community gardeners can better understand their use and help
mitigate unintended consequences for pollinators.